When SWS first began we made a commitment to ourselves and to our customers to exceed expectations for board manufacturing. For over a decade SWS has made good on this commitment by seeking out the best manufacturing technologies, the best materials, and most importantly the most skilled staff in the industry.

The evidence is in our finished goods and the reputation of our customer’s product lines.

SWS understands that the ride is everything, and that the boards we manufacture must be of the highest quality in order to ensure the best possible riding experience for the users of our manufactured goods. Here at SWS we strive to better the brands we partner with, the surrounding communities we are a part of, and the planet as a whole.

SWS is always committed towards excellence in all of our actions, these include our commitment of striving “Towards a Better World” which includes:

• Sustainability
• Green Mission
• Code of Ethics
• Philanthropy
• Corporate Social Responsibility

Rainier Nouhra
Founder and CEO