Dubai Expo 2020

Dubai has recently catapulted itself into recording successes in multiple spheres and as a result has won the bid for the 2020 World Expo. This expo will be the first time the event has been held in the Middle East, North Africa, and South Asia.

There are a couple of aspects of the Expo in 2020 that we want to highlight because they directly align with our ethos:

• Global Connectivity
• Economic Opportunity and Development
• Sustainability

Global connectivity is ingrained into our business model, every day our team works with international brand partners to produce the highest quality riding experience the market has to offer. Our location in Dubai puts us in the center of the world, equally close to all parts of the world; which means we waste less fuel importing raw materials for production and we waste less fuel shipping finished goods to our customers. Our team includes people from Asia, the United States, Canada and Europe; this allows us to more efficiently work with brands from different regions of the world, and it allows us to produce boards for regional markets with specific tastes.

SWS provides a fantastic working environment for its 200+ employees. SWS has even taken initiative to pay for benefits like top tier schooling for employee’s children. The hope behind practices like these is the betterment of the future; another commonality that we share with the Expo in 2020. We hope that the families that our employees often support can continue to develop and reach greater economic independence.

Sustainability is often something that is not synonymous with manufacturing. Here at SWS we committed toward reducing waste wherever possible, usage of greener raw materials and cutting consumer-side, end-of-product-cycle waste by producing more durable products. In addition to optimizing our manufacturing processes we are always exploring other sustainable ventures such as the usage of solar power by our manufacturing plant instead of conventional electricity. We understand that we have control over the boards we produce, and everything that goes into producing those boards; therefore we strive to reduce the waste that results from the production of these boards as much as possible.

The Dubai Expo of 2020 is an excellent opportunity for the global community to solve some the very pressing problems that are threatening our world. SWS believes we can help to accomplish some of the primary objectives. We look forward to this opportunity to working with members of foreign countries, other businesses, and foreign consumers to find solutions to problems threatening the prosperity of our future.