Code of Ethics

At SWS we operate at the highest ethical standards, maintaining integrity, exercising honesty and good faith in everything we do. We believe that the reputation of our firm is essential towards our goal of becoming the most respected and successful global board manufacturing company. SWS will not tolerate any actions or practices that violates our principles of:

• Acting with integrity in all we do
• Deliver the highest standard of service to our respected customers and maintain confidentiality
• Comply with the laws of the countries within which we operate and we deal with
• Contract with only legal entities in accordance with relevant national and international laws
• Comply with applicable national and international human rights provisions
• Not condone discrimination, or unjust harassment of people for any reason
• Not permit personnel to endanger the local environment

SWS takes its appointments, projects, and responsibilities very seriously and we are committed to openness and honesty in our business dealings.